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Your treatment will be individual to you

I use a range of techniques depending on your age and level of fitness which may include stretching soft tissues and mobilising joints to help improve your mobility. I have post-graduate training in cranial osteopathy.  This is the most gentle form of osteopathic treatment and as such is suitable for all ages.


Osteopathy is also about advice and helping you with your postural habits and patterns of movement. It can be beneficial at life’s milestones such as during adolescent growth spurts, through the changes of pregnancy and after child birth and as we get older.

We can help

As an experienced osteopath, my treatment addresses not only your symptoms but the cause of your discomfort.


Whether you have a new problem or one that has developed over time, I aim to get you moving freely again and back enjoying your activities.


Osteopathy is a physical therapy based upon an established system of clinical diagnosis and manual treatment. By alleviating strains carried in the structure of your body, osteopathy can improve how the muscles, ligaments and connective tissues work together. Treatment releases muscle spasms, tension and stiffness and in doing so improves circulation for general wellness and healing.


Although generally associated with lower back pain*, osteopathy can help with a wide range of conditions.

Conditions suitable for osteopathy:

• Lower back pain with or without

  referral to the leg (sciatica)

• Neck pain

• Trapped nerve pain

• Arthritis pain

• Headaches and migraines

• Sports related injuries

• Shoulder, rib cage and arm


• Pelvic girdle and leg problems

• Work related or repetitive strains

• Early childhood strains

• Postural changes of pregnancy


Cheryl's practice is located in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.  Please contact the practice to find out if osteopathy could help you.



*NICE recommends osteopathy as one of the treatments for the management of persistent non-specific low back pain

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One of our many satisfied customers:

"I came to see Cheryl following a car accident with a diagnosis of whiplash in my neck and shoulders. Cheryl was keen to find out the root of my pain and work with me gently to bring me back to recovery so I could carry on with my day-to-day commitments in comfort. The practice is clean and welcoming and I felt I could trust Cheryl when receiving treatment." - Milly Wastie, Regional Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Manager, Northampton

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Individual to you

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