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What to expect

When you see me for the first time you will have a consultation, made up of part history-taking, part physical examination, followed by, when appropriate, treatment. You do not need a referral from a GP to consult an osteopath. At consultation, I will ask you questions about your medical history and the onset of your symptoms. Though some questions may seem unrelated to the problem you came in with, your responses, together with my examination findings, wiil help me to decide whether osteopathy is the appropriate treatment for you, or whether a referral to your GP or another practitioner would benefit you more at this time.


The clinical examination consists of observing your active movements and physically testing and palpating areas of the body. To help me do this effectively, I may ask you to remove some outer clothing. If you would rather not undress, please bring loose clothing or shorts to change into.  


I will discuss my findings with you and give you my opinion as to the best way to proceed. If you have questions at any time, please ask and I will do my best to answer them.

Gentle osteopathic treatment

I work at the gentle end of the spectrum but even so, sometimes treatment may be a little uncomfortable particularly if you have been in pain for a while. I will ask for and monitor your feedback throughout the treatment and endeavour to work within your comfort zone.


If you are experiencing pain, please do not feel you have to put up with it to gain something from the treatment. Tell me and I will modify my techniques, or stop the treatment at any time.


Treatment does not affect everyone in the same way. Many people do not have any discomfort following treatment but sometimes there can be soreness in the areas treated. I will give you advice about what to do to minimise this potential side effect.

Osteopathy treatments from a registered practitioner.

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"Cheryl has been fantastic, I was made to feel very comfortable, 10 out of 10 for the treatments I have received. I would highly recommend Cheryl."


- Miss C Rushin, Sales

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